No matter what stage you’re at in your business pursuit, there is one thing that you’ll always find yourself fresh out of… TIME. Each day, we all begin with the same amount. However, some people are much better at managing their time than others.

timeI’m one of those unlucky souls who is always out of time. I never seem to cross things off my to-do list. Great at starting to-dos, but terrible at checking the box. Fortunately, I have acknowledged this problem and have taken steps to correct it. Just like any other skill, you can learn time management and even better than that, efficiency.

We can’t create more time, but these tips have helped me get back some of that precious resource, TIME.

Schedule It
You’re not going to magically find the time to do things. Even the simplest things should be calendared (prep time, dinner with the family, me time, etc.). If you respect your calendar, all things will get the attention they deserve.

Guard Your Time
You cannot do it all, nor should you try. There are some things that you should delegate or even decline.
“Get a First Class Ticket on the NO Train!” Marie Forelo

The days of multitasking are over, so turn off the distractions. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve checked my social media feed when was supposed to be researching or taking care of other things online. Surfing social media is a tough habit to kick, but you have to focus and limit the amount of time you spend on it, especially if that’s not the task at hand.

Not strong enough to do it on your own? Try a tool like Freedom ( or Cold Turkey ( to help you stay focused.


Batch your Work
Once I am in a certain mindframe, I like to stay in that zone. For example, I create all of my marketing and social media graphics on Sundays. Some people even go as far as scheduling social media post, using tools like Buffer and Edgar. This way your don’t have to worry about that task, because you’ve completed it until next time.

Email Management
Touch emails only once. Quickly determine if an email is actionable or not. If yes, do it immediately, defer it, or delegate it. If you can’t take one of those actions, delete or move it to a folder that you will review in the future.