So, If I am being completely honest with myself, no matter how perfectly I’ve planned the day, there is a strong likelihood that something is not going get done.  However, had I not planned, I am certain that some critical things are not going to get done, so thank God for planning.

Planning is a tool to help you make progress,  but it should not be used to measure perfection. While you should still strive to be perfect, it’s the gold standard, perfectionism has killed many dreams. So many of us stop making progress because we chase perfection.  



There will be many instances in your business where nothing less than perfection is acceptable. The funny thing is, this is not where most of us apply the standard.  We chase the perfect logo or website; we need just the right shade of pink on the third letter of our logo.  

It is possible to practice progress over perfection — and maintain high standards. Our approach defines the difference. Your mindset matters. Do the best that you can, with the time that you have. In doing this, don’t mistake movement for progress. Progress is a mindful investment of focus, time, and energy to bring measurable change, not running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

Remember Professionals know the difference. It is not about making moves, it is all about progress.