Black women understand the importance of proper hair care especially when it comes to our natural tresses. We also know that this billion-dollar industry has created many avenues for Black women to retain wealth.  From Madame C.J. Walker to Mahisha Dellinger, the hair care industry continues to be redesigned as women of color seek products and brands that represent them and their ever-changing needs.

“As a woman of color, I wanted to flaunt my natural hair and celebrate what God has given me. It was very frustrating looking for natural hair products that are both healthy for my hair and good for this world.” 

CURLS Beauty Brands Founder & CEO, Mahisha Dellinger. 

Mahisha came from humble beginnings.  She grew up with a single mother and was raised in an environment that emphasized the importance of walking in love and grace.  With tenacity and reverence as her guiding mantra in life, Mahisha received a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from California State University – Sacramento prior to launching her career as a Marketing Manager for Intel.  After experiencing racism in the corporate world, Mahisha launched the CURLS brand in 2002 and quickly took charge of her life and destiny.  The CURLS brand became an award-winning line of organic hair care products quickly launching her to the forefront of the natural hair movement.

Mahisha Dellinger | CURLS
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In addition to running the CURLS brand, Mahisha dedicates her time to helping other women of color succeed in the business landscape. Through her Black Girls Making Millions business coaching conferences, she helps other women entrepreneurs navigate the business landscape through mentoring and her vast network. This hair care mogul is taking her know-how and working to level the playing field for Black beauty supply store owners. It is not due to the lack of need but pressing the issue of Black owners facing disparate treatment from distributors. CURLS’ “United We Stand: Strategic Alliance with Black-Owned Beauty Supply Stores” will create a distribution partnership with low-purchasing minimums and extended payment terms.

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