Healthy Meals in Minutes

The everyday hustle never stops, so don’t let your healthy eating habits suffer be-cause you are busy. Whether you’re busy running errands or tying up loose ends at work, you’re likely getting busier as you grow your business. For many of us, being busier means, we let our eating slip. We grab whatever’s convenient or sometimes neglect to fuel our bodies at all. When we ignore our body’s need for healthy food, we end up exhausted. You need a simple meal strategy. A meal strategy will help you prepare healthy meals each day without overcrowding your schedule. Use these strategies to prepare dinner in less time than it takes to return an email.

Leverage Your Kitchen Tools

Most of us can remember our mothers and grandmothers standing over the stove for long periods of time to prepare meals each day. However, the vast array of kitchen tools available to us make standing over the stove a necessity of the past. You can dramatically reduce your meal prep time by using your oven more often. If you want more options with the types of meals you cook, consider using a pressure cooker, indoor grill, and crockpot. Using these tools allows you to rinse and season the food and then relax while they do the rest.

Buy Convenience Food for Your Home

Convenience food is more than just unhealthy food scored from a drive-thru. It is any food that helps you minimize cooking time. Some convenience foods that you can add to your weekly grocery list are pre-chopped onions, washed bags of salad greens, and individually wrapped pieces of meat. The idea is to buy food that has a few of the steps that are already done for you so that there’s less for you to do.

Mix Low Prep and Medium Prep Items in Your Meal

Most of us don’t want to consistently make entire meals from items that come in boxes and bags. However, making a meal with mul-tiple items that require a lot of prep dramat-ically increases meal prep time. When you want a meal that is a little bit more elaborate, mix low prep and medium prep items. For example, if you’re making roasted potatoes that will need to be peeled and sliced, don’t pair that with meatballs. Meatballs need to be seasoned and shaped. That will take too much time. Roasted chicken takes less time to prepare and pairs nicely with the potatoes. Mixing and matching items that need more preparation with those that don’t is the key to save time without sacrificing taste.

There you have it – three simple strategies to help you prepare healthy meals in min-utes. Now you’re empowered to keep your healthy eating on track.

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Concita Thomas, MS, CPT
Food & Fitness Strategist | Website

Concita Thomas, a Food & Fitness Strategist, is on a mission to help busy working women look and feel fierce without making the process a second job. She shares her methodical, effective approach to food and fitness through media appearances, coaching programs, her blog, and podcast, as well as regular live broadcasts.

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