About Joyce Simmons


About Joyce Simmons


Joyce Simmons is an Ordained Minister, In Masterful Hands, LLC ,and owner of a nonprofit company

Ms. Simmons has been using her voice to impact people for over 35 years. She’s a powerhouse and a great leader. In addition, her organizational skills and management skills are amazing. She developed those skills as the mother of three children, each with distinct gifts and personalities.Once a heads down analyzer, she has grown into being, “a people person”. LOOK WHAT GOD CAN DO!!!


Ms. Simmons has taught for the New York State School system and for the Commonwealth ofVirginia. She has a Master’sDegree in Elementary Education and her undergraduate concentrationwas in Psychology. She has continued over the years to pursue her love of learning with hereducational advancement and holds an Associate’s Degree in Theology. She completed 3 years ofministerial schooling in December of 2019 and was ordained a minister on January 4, 2020. Shealso has 4 years of schooling and has certification for Inner Healing and Deliverance. Shegraduated June of 2019 but continues in her “training”.

Ms. Simmons loves“Winning souls for the Lord”. In the ministry, Ms. Simmons travels to bring theWord to those who are held captive and need to be set free through Jesus!

The Jail Ministry has afforded Ms. Simmons to not only teach in the penal system but to help maleand female inmates be inspired to use their potential to be the best person they can be. Her love ofthe jail ministry was brought on by her eldest son being incarcerated at one point in his life!

Mission Ministry has, for over ten years, been pivotal inhelping Ms. Simmons hone in on herspeaking skills by fellowshipping with other Pastors, Evangelists, Bishops and other Godly leadersto share what God has manifested in her life and to use that message to uplift, encourage andmotive others to move forward in the plans of God

Ms. Simmons has written a few books to include, a 30 Day devotional, “Drinking From The Master’sCup!”and “Bringing Down Strongholds in Your Family and Setting the Captives Free”. She hasalso collaborated with seven phenomenal women in an anthology called, “Beauty for Ashes:Bruised but not Broken”, which is available

Her love of the Lord has moved her from complacency to excellence in the Name of Jesus. Sheenjoys traveling, gardening and reading. She spends time with her family and will travel near andfar to be with them!