Walk the Walk – The Mindset of the Successful Entrepreneur

Most believe the first step to becoming an entrepreneur is coming up with a big idea. The longer you are an entrepreneur, you understand that the real key to success is all about your mindset. A good idea and hard work can take you only so far. It is the action that separates those who flourish and those who fail.

When you have an Entrepreneur Mindset, you believe that success is for you and that you can overcome obstacles. The keyword here is to BELIEVE! Self-doubt kills more dreams than failure or downturns in the economy ever will.

When you believe in yourself, you make decisive decisions, hold yourself accountable, and develop resilience. These are just a few of the characteristics of the most successful entrepreneurs.

You can recite all the affirmations in the world. However, if you don’t walk the walk, then they are just words. Here are some actions that you manifest when you have the Mindset of the Successful Entrepreneur and what it looks like when you don’t. You must understand both so that you can do more of what is best for you and your business and correct your behavior when you are heading in the wrong direction.

The Mindset of the Successful Entrepreneur

• You always reach higher and focuse on the profits. You are focused on the art of making a dollar out of 15 cents. Not just being in business to breakeven.

• You have no fear when it comes to promoting your business. Your elevator speech is on deck and ready to make valuable connections at any time.

• You believe in your ability to achieve the best and continuously push beyond your comfort zone for your business’ greater good.

• You are customer-focused. You do not take personal offense to customer complaints; instead, you see them as an opportunity to make improvements.

• You’re a problem solver. Focused on the “How can we…” You are ready to take on the significant issues and get to the root of the problem.

• You trust your intuition but value the advice of your trusted advisors.

• You remain focused on the goal, even when things are not going as expected. You are ready to pivot and make adjustments to complete objectives.

• You thrive under pressure and secure resources to return to stable operations.

• You stand your ground and confront adversity with a calm attitude, but with firm intent.

Let’s flip these so that you conscious of the habits that show the Mindset of the Unsuccessful Entrepreneur.

The Mindset of the Unsuccessful Entrepreneur

• You believe that good enough… really is good enough. You are are not focused on growth and the next level.

• You feel embarrassed to toot your own horn and often downplays the success of your business.

• You are all about cutting corners, and when business is booming, you don’t invest in growing your business.

• You allow your low self-esteem to translate into your business leadership.

• You are not customer-focused. It is an afterthought. You take personal offense to most customer complaints.

• You are only a problem solver only when it comes to trivial issues and are afraid to get to the root of the real problems.

• You ignore your intuition and run to all the wrong people for advice before taking action.

• Your fear keeps your going rather than your optimism. You allow your fear to push you into panicky and unwise decisions.

• You stand your ground with an overly aggressive and threatening attitude.

By following the successful entrepreneur’s mindset, you’ll experience the success you’ve been dreaming about in your business. As you can see, a heightened mindset, a willingness to succeed, believing in yourself, and taking calculated risks for your business are the foundation for a successful business.

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