Black Woman Applying Face Cream

Who defines what beauty is?

The world defines beauty by just the external aesthetic, certain body types, hair, the shape of one’s nose, and let us not leave off the issue of complexion, which I define as colorism.

I am a Christian, and by that, I mean that I follow the word of God without apology, without which I know for sure that I won’t be sitting here writing this short story. Psalm 139: 14 states, “For you are fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are thy works…” We are who God says we are and the world can’t change that.

Woman Applying Cream On Face
Woman Applying Cream On Face

The magazines and “reality” tv show us versions of women who are embellished to the hilt.

My work is in the field of beauty, and I have no problem with enhancements. However, I do believe that true beauty comes from within, and a truly sexy woman is one who loves herself, is connected to her spirituality, is kind to others educated and confident.

We must be deliberate and mindful to begin to change the narrative.

Cheryl Sue Wing

Many young women are bullied and feel that they are not enough due to their body shape, complexion, and/or hair texture. Although I see more and more of us embracing our natural hair, I feel there is still a stigma attached.

I did a recent interview with a fellow image consultant who works with members of Parliament in our country. In 2020, she feels that big natural hair has no place in the Parliamentary chambers. We are a twin-island republic of predominantly people of color. I beg to differ.

I recently looked at a documentary on OWN Network. I saw so many women that I’ve admired through the years talking about the unhappiness experienced because of their complexions. In the Caribbean, where I’m from, colorism is huge and we love to boast of our European and other heritages. So over here, they would have considered these women to be the models of society.

The world is messed up as we all know and being an aesthetician and image consultant, I get women coming to see me and wanting to change everything that is naturally beautiful about themselves on a daily basis. They come bearing pictures of their reality stars, as a standard to how they would like to look.

Beauty is intelligence!

Beauty comes from the heart!

Every woman is beautiful!

Cheryl Sue Wing

Cheryl Campbell Sue Wing is an inspirational speaker, visionary entrepreneur, practicing Aesthetician, Image Consultant, and women's advocate. She is the Founder of With WOMEN in mind (the movement).  Cheryl is also a successful conference host and Author.

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